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So, I signed up for a free online course “developing your eye”. It’s a photography course available on WordPress platform. The first assignment was “home” themed. The beauty of it is that it’s unconventional, not necessarily a home… home is where your heart is, right? So I let my imagination do the thing, which enabled a new perspective and my lens captured things I related to home… not some mere building or a room… not fancy but pieces of the reality I live in… this bar for example where I come lots of times for a cup of coffee and raki ?. 

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A Vice Perspective

Being a Vice sucks.
I get stuck with all the important things, I am accountable of everything, especially if one of these things goes the wrong way.The work I do, all of it to be marked down by the tiny ugly part of “vice” glued on my title, my responsibilities, my duties, my actions, my words, my… my men, oh but they are not my men… and this is not my ship.

Power, crew, ship, credit are all His, the world knows it’s him doing the things I do.

And what do I get? Vice Captain. Haha what a joke! .

Second in command. A vice captain, almost a captain but never actually being one.


Building IShull

It will probably be some nonsense rambling, but when I replay “Island” in my head or “Ishull” in Albanian…
I finally get conscious about one thing. Everyone can have his/her own islands. My home is an island, my tiny untidy room with clothes, accessories, shoes everywhere which mum goes crazy about is my island.
And inside my island there are dozens of other islands, little and infinite, my books.
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