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Here it comes…

S:”I am  not going to make it! I am telling you!”
M:”Of course, you are, don’t be ridiculous! You are so smart and brilliant.”

S:”It has got nothing to do with that, I am scared! I can’t talk in front of so many people! My heart beats fast, my cheeks will be flushing red, my  voice trembling, I will be scratching my throat because it feels like choking… I am going to make a fool of myself and everyone will laugh at me…”

M:”Oh I really don’t get it. What are you so afraid of? Cowardice has never qualified you.”

S:”This is Public Speaking, we are talking about! PUBLIC SPEAKING! The big bad Monster, haunting me, since forever!”

M:”Weird though, you have never been shy as a child, quite the opposite. A shameless brat, looking for constant attention.”

S:”Mom, why don’t you listen to me?”

M:”Honey, I aaaamm. I’m trying to help you out. Hey what do you think of a couple of shots….”

S:”Seriously? Alcohol? I am having a nervous breakdown and all you can come out with is “a couple of shots”?”

M:”Just saying… what’s the big deal?”

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