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Profile: Blogger

Blogging is socializing (I should really stop stating the obvious I know), so besides the content we share, including words and graphic display, audio and video, what we try to do is build a bridge for communication. Possibly a High Speed Way Bridge!
We can frame and shape reality, fiction or concepts as we see fit. In this cyber space we are free to write all sorts of things, then it’s the reader who will evaluate to like us or hate us, to come back or not, to be a regular reader, thus following and so on.

But blogging is not mere fresh material sharing (hahah probably lots of us wish it could be “easy” as that), blogging also requires a whole set of skills enveloped in one being:

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Io, Senza Titolo


Quella sera caminando per le strade della città,

guardo la luna a metà,

cerco un angolo per rifugiarmi,

piangere e fermarmi.

Invece nooooo… voglio correre,

sul marciapiede sentirmi sdrairare.


fino a farmi scoppiare i polmoni.

Ma non scoppiano, bruciano! Maledetti!

Urlo, fino a non sentire suono,

e non mi sento piú.

Grido, la mia rabbia e il mio rancore,

a chi? Al mondo… Il mondo chi è?

Anch’ io sono il mondo… il mondo sono io…