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It had been a while that I wanted to get inked for the second time, before choosing exactly what. I didn’t know the spot yet, but I knew that if I managed to figure out the tattoo, it would be much easier to decide which part of my body.

I’ve had several volatile ideas, which didn’t stick too long and not being sure, I didn’t want to take the risk of a later regret. I wanted something profound but also fun and cute, thinking of which, I was wishing an idea to pop up just like the cute little lamps being switched on with that little entertaining *tring* sound. In the blink of the eye, the idea of the lamp became the idea I was looking for. Finally, it was settled and the spot immediately after. 🙂

I googled, the meaning: seek for the light of knowledge and research, the light and strength of the human mind. It was perfect for me!

The day, I had it inked 😀