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Rolling Hill of Death- Sharre

It’s a story, a horror one, but make no mistake this is no fictional story. It’s so true and painful that anger shakes my bones…

In one of the corners of Tirana, you find Rolling Hills luxury residences. It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? If New York has its own Upper East or West Side, LA- Beverly Hills, of course that Tirana wouldn’t be left behind.

Ironically, there is another opposite corner of the city,  where you find another hill. This is a small hill, Sharra’s Landfill. Recycling companies, operate here to gather, collect, divide and disassemble urban wastes. We are talking about 300.000 tons/year of wastes and according to statistics only 20-22% of this amount can be recycled. This is a place, where nearby inhabitants go to work, not to starve to death as they have no other means to earn money. They have surrendered to the misery and such conditions as they have no other choice. No safety policies! No safe gears to work with or equipment! No insurance! Only exploitation.

Lately this hill has been rightfully labeled as the “Rolling Hill of Death”.

Sharra Landfill

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Lie as much as you can

She had always stayed true to herself, well-tried to as much as a human being can be.
She never thought of herself as a particularly good person, neither bad. But she knew she was selfish, extremely at times.

Society told her that it was a bad thing, although she knew lots of selfish people. Things weren’t turning that bad for them, at least not in the short-term.

And the “now” was what she cared about.

She knew she was no pathologic liar. Yeah she could lie all right, nothing major but she knew she could. She needed to improve at that, to become a pro.

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