Tell me: What do you want?

That’s Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington in Scandal) talking and at first sight it appears so easy and obvious, but when you let it sink, it’s actually so elusive to answer.

  • A truthful answer sometimes means, intentions and when they are not so orthodox…DAAAMN don’t we like to judge but not the other way around.
  • A truthful answer means not just intentions, but also feelings that can be transmuted in vulnerabilities and when the stakes are high these make us look weak.
  • A truthful answer could mean compromising a relationship with a beloved one in our lives or even a certain status quo.


Don’t be afraid of it


To summarize, a truthful answer shows our true colors, and some shades are not there to be shown not even to ourselves, not to mention to somebody else. The “What do you want” question as simple as it is, is not just that. It is basic and primitive, revealing everything with one answer, leaving us bare of the facades we try so hard to build and maintain.

Nevertheless, I learned the hard way to ask that question to myself. It’s painful to admit our “sins” even though, secretly, hidden in a dark corner…. Oh forget my lame excuse of “romantic” metaphors. Just answer the question, and get it over with.

Know that “catharsis” of our souls and minds or both, needs to get the “dirt” out. Think about it as cleaning out your closet. Our inner self is not static, quite the opposite. Everyday we put it under pressure, straining our willpower and patience, trying to keep up with life, all sort of expectations and demands so we store tons of useful information, but in the process we also get unconsciously stuffed with “dust” and ruins that remain after our, daily little struggles. Thing is when all this piles up, we don’t have more room for the upcoming challenges and find it difficult to handle what we already have “in stock” . Pardon the comparison, I don’t mean that our personal emotional/psychological luggage or set of skills is ready for sale… Well not necessarily all the time, at least.

Try to consider the benefits of answering truthfully to that question, when you don’t want to lose focus on the things you have always wanted, which you are fighting for. The question serves just right, when you feel you might be drifting away from your goals and it really doesn’t matter long-term goals or short.

So, I am dying to know about you, yeah you. What do you want?

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  1. Noooo way, Lol joking 😛
    I was just quoting the lyrics of one of my fav songs: Hozier, take me Church!


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