The Uncomfortable Ones

Sometimes you can’t avoid an argument.

Sometimes you can’t avoid but fight back and speak up.

We usually admire the strong people who are able to do such, specially for the right thing. Let’s also keep in mind that this admiration usually is a stand alone one and quite often from a safe distance.

These strong people choose to “do the right thing” at their own expenses, for they appear to be “The Uncomfortable Ones” from a short distance, not so easy to be around with. Subdued attitude is not part of their personality.

You either love them or hate them. You can’t ignore them and pretend they don’t exist. 

The flame of righteous is magnetic. You sense the pull or the push, one or the other.

As a result of the hardships they face or feel compelled to face, they need to know right away if you are going to stick or are you going to be just a curious tourist, looking for an intellectual adventure. Be aware they don’t like tourists much. It’s not an adventure to them. It’s a challenge, a mission of existential importance.

Existence is resistance. It’s not always about opposal, of course, but assessing when there is the need to. Rest assured, they won’t be able to compromise so they know if you are willing to.

Blindness is easy and fluid, but not to them. That’s how they distinguish if you will be able to make your own decisions and stand your ground or you let your soul be infected by oblivion…

The blue or the red one? Which do you choose Neo?



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