Tricky Monday

The thing about Monday-s?  All “hate” them. Almost…I don’t really, because I never was attached to week days. Besides, previously my part-time job, meant working on weekends as well, and my day off could be in the middle of the week. So the weekend was not really what you can call a sanctuary to me.

But I see, the usual ritual becomes the eternal deja vu repeating itself, every single week, that’s why I am writing this post, on how to deal with Mondays and how people Can’t wait for Fridays.

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Yes, cinema tickets and yes I collect them! Proudly!

So think about Monday like this:

  • It’s a new fresh start of the week. The chance to start something new at work or life or to carry on something you had going or to improve it even more.
  • You can choose to work out. I have noticed that gyms in Tirana are quite busy during Mondays, and trust me if isn’t it a good pint of motivation you need. You will get it, both boys and girls included. P.S. I tend to be more hard-working when I sense competition. Besides, to me, going to the gym, means sweating like a pig (no offense to pigs), my face red, not recognizable, my loosened bun and hair popping out everywhere, a not so chic halo, but whatever.
  • You can choose to go for a walk at the lake park. Boring is not an included option. Lots of people walking, jogging, walking their dogs. P.S. I like very much observing. I focus on a certain someone who catches my sight and I start wondering about his/her background, life story, studies, job, expectations. Mmmm I admit, sometimes I can be very mean and I look judgmental (even to me) or sticking to some stupid stereotypes. But then I rethink about it, I am just having fun, it’s for a higher cause. Besides who doesn’t need a break from time to time and be a little superficial and stupid? Ok, ok maybe you don’t, weeell I do so let’s move forward.
  • You can take a big huge vanilla latte and a doughnut, it’s ok to indulge sometimes… I mean it’s Monday, we need more energy, some sugar won’t do any harm. My healthy side, is trying to count calories right now and suggesting that carbs are better to consume in the morning… Well forgive me, Healthy ME for I have sinned, and I will, again.
  • Go to the movies? You probably think, that’s what weekends are for! Well, yeah you smarties, next weekend go to the beach, or hiking or something. On Mondays, cinema tickets are even cheaper. Ha-ha  ha-ha Got ya!!!
  • Do you like books? Hhmmm it doesn’t matter,
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    The one I am currently reading. Absolutely mind blowing btw

    go to a big book shop anyway. Just go and check out random titles… First, even if you don’t like books, some title might catch your interest, who knows, the miracle happens… Second, if you are curious like I am, you can check what other strangers are doing, what are they reading. Don’t go to close, though. Yes, they notice and you will probably be labelled the book shop stalker, that is if you want to get back and carry on with the experiment, of course. Who knows maybe you find another awesome, fantastic, brilliant person just like me :D, that does the same, even better, or not? That sounds kinda weird to me!

Oh and no drinks, or food inside! If I happen to see someone drinking or eating inside a book shop, I would become the freaky stalker with bad hair on a tricky Monday. (I need to take better care of my hair, I know, anyway it’s just a subliminal message to me!)


8 thoughts on “Tricky Monday”

  1. I tuoi capelli sono sempre ordinati perché lo shampoo che usi costa un botto 40.00 EUR (ti ho visto su instagram)
    P.S Mi devi prestare il libro che hai messo in copertina <3

  2. Great advice, I think there is just too much concentration on the weekend. I love Mondays, that means I have a great job.

  3. I love this!! Extremely positive!

    Thank you for the invite! I am definitely glad I stopped by!!

    Kind Regards - K

  4. Nice list!

    I try to do something new. It's hard to do sometimes if you're like me and work six days a week.

    When I can, I go to book sales on weekends. These are magical places where I can get books practically for free at 25 c!

    1. Exactly. I know what you mean. I used to study as well at the time so I felt I didn't have enough time to breathe, not to mention getting engaged with other activities.
      Thank you


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