Vicious Cycle


They say:”Dirty little secrets always come out!”. Now, truly don’t they? And the most important of all, noooow, don’t we all have some of those?

Despite, our efforts, sometimes walking in the sun and letting go of the dark side of the moon is really hard. We tend to find all kind of excuses and yet we get dragged again… Let’s face it, the dark is just an excuse itself, to justify our own behaviors…

So our cozy, comfortable, little rooms have those big, roomy closets, not for just our clothes to wear, but also keeping bodies and skeletons, don’t they?

Oh and don’t forget the masks… We wear them daily. Rather we want to or not, we are forced to, or we like some of them compared to others, we need them to protect ourselves and others, we need to destroy and to climb up some ladders, all sort of ladders, mostly the big, fascinating, scary one… yeah the one called, social. The fact is, that at some point they become part of us and we can’t live without them.

Oscar Wilde said: “Give a man a mask and he will tell you the truth”. Except that we are always wearing them, and when we don’t, we might be actually telling the truth… Although the quote refers to, the power of anonymity, thus telling the truth comes much easier this way. But as things turn out to be, truths are mostly told in half, for the same reasons and a mask is always hiding something…

What happens, when everything is revealed? Suddenly, details not making sense and all the pieces of the puzzle, finally, FINALLY fall in place? We get back to it again. We try to find gaps and openings to make it work… if there isn’t any, we come clean… not always though…

Then it’s regret, pain and reflection on our actions and we look for ways of redemption, we keep our profiles real low, so we don’t attract more attention than necessary… But we are quiet and calm. We get the chance of some peace of mind, that eventually being caught is not that bad. At least a lighter and cleaner closet now…

An empty closet we say…?  Ready to be stuffed again.

We seem to never learn, that lying and cheating no matter the reason, even for a divine one that is… will always imply a cost of energies, time and human resources… Be aware who you trust your secrets with! Is it really worth it? The trade-off? The efforts, to keep standing a reality based on lies… a reality that will fall eventually, sooner or later… Even if it’s almost flawless… almost perfect, it will always remain frail to the core and with time passing by, fissures can’t be avoided.

Now the thing is, we can’t stop lying can we, even the minor ones, the little white ones? (which: according to who?)

Just make sure, that before getting caught, there are not that many of dead bodies or skeletons in your closet.

Giving it a better thought, nnaaaaahhhh… once you get started you can’t control the urges to go deeper… Oh okay, let’s wait and see what happens when you get caught… again…


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