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Talking about creativity a couple of weeks ago, it made me think…

Of course there are tons of creative and talented people in our country, some of them not that easy to notice and some have managed to distinguish themselves through hard work, persistence, deliberate practice and at some point they have managed to come up with a brilliant idea.

Numbers of these kind of people are quite low, truly so if we focus on the real life scenarios, what happens? Do we lack creativity? Does creativity involve just some of us working in specific fields such as arts like writing, painting, music, acting, graphic design or maybe science, inventors… etc etc. Is this it?

Aren’t we constantly challenged to improve our lifestyles? Aren’t we challenged to find ways to make our lives, our jobs easier and that also includes making it happen for other people as well? Don’t we feel under pressure to find the best solutions to our problems be it personal or professional?

Years back when I was a pupil and then a student, unfortunately the schooling programs were lacking some fundamental insight. Inside a  school book there was all one needed to know about that matter. Students were taught only that. Don’t take it the wrong way, I am not blaming anyone, specially teachers (as a matter of fact mostly have done a great job. At the time our country was going through a tough period of transition. It was hard to adjust. Everything was hard!

However, back to us what I recall is that  there were no attempts to push children or teenagers to go beyond that, to do some research and to learn more. As a result, there were no point of views. For obvious reasons you could not have point of views (plural) there was room for only one (singular).  If you were pushed to do some more research, you would find more facts and data, things that would make you think and maybe raise some questions, probably ignite a spark of argument… which would have been great.

All these important steps for the growing process were missing. And as a young adult, one thinks that all he or she has learned during school years is enough. What do you need creativity for? Everything is clear and when it comes to create something new, somebody else will do the job for us, isn’t it?

Yeah, we have come to realize that when it comes to work, you will have to learn your job, no matter how good your grades are or were. Once you managed to go through the learning process at you work place, what happens?

Nothing. You just stop. Again, you learned all you needed to know to do your job. Not necessarily brilliantly or excellent but fairly good. Fairly mediocre… (what do you think? Is my choice of word appropriate?)

And you do not try any harder, because you are lazy or because you are doing just fine and why change all of that or because why even bother in the first place. You stop learning. You do not improve. You don’t look for ways to make it better, which would mean, being creative… At the same time though, you do feel annoyed sometimes as the routine is becoming a grey monotony and it’s taking the best of you… suddenly you find out you want more… That’s it… you just want more… so my final question is and think about it carefully:

What are you willing to do more, then?

xoxo #kristinakoti



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