I visited Podgorica this Sunday. Besides the pleasure of going to a place where I had not been before and finding a new reality, I also realized that I tend to underestimate the pleasure of little things that make me feel alive.

This means, that it really doesn’t matter where I go, what matters is to take the initiative to do things I like and that make me richer; richer with experience, knowledge, memories and last but not least also happy.

The little trip was tiring physically, but refreshing mentally… eehhmmm maybe not the right choice of words, but just trying to say that it was wonderful and it filled my heart with joy , especially Podgorica’s Niagara waterfall.

True, that I am not the typical outdoors person, specially when it comes to nature. I have underestimated nature’s effects on mood and thoughts, lately. Probably because, once it was much easier to connect with nature and because my days weren’t as busy with work and everyday errands I have to run, as they are now.


I find myself working non stop, even when I am not at work, I am working… you know what I mean, right? So this is the time that I feel grateful of the chance to escape the city life and go some place where I am surrounded by the sound of birds, the wind whispering through the leaves, the water falling down, taking its course and even the little insects’ buzz sounds like a cute tune to my ears…


It feels warm with the sun right above in the blue spotless sky, the water droplets floating in the air, come crashing in my face leaving a fresh taste on my skin. My nose felt a little cold all the time, but it’s ok, I liked that as well.

I didn’t want to be the type of person who only thinks about taking pictures, so I found myself completely mesmerized by the view and savoring the moment I was being granted and feeling grateful of that quantum of peace.

However, I did want to have some pictures for back home and I am trying to master the craft of photography… LA LA LA 😉


Climbing rocks was not that hard, which is good, but my sneakers weren’t the most suitable pair for the occasion… anyway I managed with no broken bones or ribs. Well done to me!

I had a great time. Another happy little ticket inside my Jar of Happiness. \oo/

After that, straight to Podgorica. One of the pit stops was Hard Rock Caffe of course, where I bought my shirt and a new set of pins. (OMG I love pins <3_<3)

Then, S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G!!! 😀

In the end, getting back to reality and my normal, ordinary life, which is not that bad, since I happen to make it less ordinary and trying to make out of it the best I can, every time.

P.S. In this whole itinerary of course I had things to eat. I am not going to say what…:D just know that it was cheat day and I fully took advantage of that 😀 plus plenty of poisonous caffeine 🙂

xoxo #kristinakoti

What about your weekend? How was it? 🙂


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