Weird Dream

Unsplash thanks @MariaStihler

I was tired, actually exhausted and irritated. Another fight with mom about tattoos… What’s the “bound to earth for eternity” supposed to mean and what’s that got to do with getting ink done anyway??

When is this damn bus getting on the way? Can’t wait to get back home. Don’t look at me mom, I am not coming over there. Sitting in the back, suits me just fine, right?

Oh I had fallen asleep, for how long? Mmmm, nice landscape, but still too far from the city.

“Slept well?”- I hear a humming soothing voice next to me.

I turn my head, and I see a familiar face, but I am quite sure, I don’t know her.

“Ugh yeah!”- she is mesmerizing, a hypnotic light on her so dark eyes. I just can’t focus on anything else. I sense her talking and smiling, but can’t make any sense, and I see myself from the outside replying back, there is a background noise during our brief conversation.

Generic questions: How old are you? Vacations? Studies… Then something about my tattoo… I can’t grasp it.

An abrupt stop… Looks like a crash. What’s going on? I see her standing up, and her  beautiful shiny long hair…

“Wait, don’t go! It’s dangerous outside… Look at the stones falling from the cliff…Damn!”

I am standing as well trying to reach out to her, and getting out of the bus. She is gone.

Someone is screaming. Mom?

Tiny bits still falling, pricking at my bare shoulders… But where is she? Where did she go? She disappeared into thin air… What’s going on? I see her again, over the edge… ” Noooo! Don’t jump!STOOOOOP!”

The bus broke down… How did this happen?

“What do you think you are doing? Getting out here just like that? You got me worried sick. Couldn’t you see?”

“Mom there was a woman… she…”

“What woman? What are you talking about? Come, we will wait for another bus, this one won’t make it… it’s going to take a while. There is a bar nearby, everyone is headed there. You hungry?”


A mini van passing by, and there she was… wait… her hair… is short! What the… She is smiling at me… there is something wrong with her smile… and her eyes pitch black!!

“Mom, mom, look there she is… look!”

“Sarah! Enough already!”

“Jesus! I am telling you there was a woman, she was seated next to me in the bus. We were talking… she even asked about my tattoo!”

“There was no woman! You were alone all along!”

“No! No, no she was there. She was beautiful and then after the crash she was gone. I just saw her in that mini van passing. But her hair…”

I had caught my mother’s interest…

“Her hair?What did she do? She cut her haaaaiir?”


“You are on the list now… a target… oh no!No,god no! NO! NO!”

“What does that mean?MOM?!”

“She is Death. She is back, and she is definitely after you. We need to see your grandmother and your aunt.Immediately! NOW!”

I was feeling numb. Did she say something about Death being after me? Death? Death and the word playing and lingering in my head. She is a person, a living one? After me? Why? What have I done? Grandma? Aunt? I have never met them in all my life. Why now? I see mom frowning, she is dialing some number.. talking… I don’t know what she is talking about.

“She is back… What would be the reason I am calling you?… She is after Sarah! That’s why!… We need to talk, immediately! This can’t be happening! I won’t let her take away my daughter!… Ok… Will do… Bye!”


“I know, I know. I will explain… this is something it began years ago, before you were born. We tricked her!”

“Tricked who?”


“Can you actually trick her? Why? Is she that woman for real?”

“Yes. No. She can take any resemblance she wants. Mostly feminine, that’s what she likes. She also likes to play games. Catherine saved a little girl, who was meant to die, disassembling the scheme. She came after Catherine of course. They met and then she suddenly disappeared, reappearing with her hair cut short. That’s how Catherine knew who she was. And we tricked her again, saving Catherine. Saying she was unhappy, it’s an understatement. We defied her twice!!!”

“I guess this “thing” has a huge ego, gets always her way right?”


“There are a lot of things I don’t understand. I mean…”

“I know. That’s why we are going back to grandma and Catherine, and you will understand.”

“Mom am I doomed? The list and everything?”

“They will help us. We will do everything possible. Trust me they are both very capable at what they do.”

“Which is?”



“Sshhhhh… too loud! Yeah, your grandma will tell you everything. She is quite the storyteller.”

“Duh, apparently it doesn’t run in the genes. You suck at it, mom. Why didn’t you tell anything before?”

“What was I supposed to say? I was scared, that’s why I took you away, to protect you in the first place. Your dad died in a car accident, when you were just a few months old. I thought, that was it. Death made a point. But I didn’t want to take other risks, so I thought leaving was the best option. Away from magic and spells, maybe it could help, not that we could possibly hide or fool her, but still…”

Wait? Dad is gone, because of her sick games? What?!

“I know it’s hard to remember, but I need to know everything you talked about. Everything!”

A photo by Joshua Earle.
Unsplash thanks @JoshuaEarle

Maybe the title doesn’t match with the story, but I dreamed of it. I also dreamed the first part, how it all started, but honestly, in the morning I couldn’t remember it… I tried to write down this one as fast as possible, because it was starting to fade in my memory.



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