Weird Pleasant Interview

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Differently from the previous one:  Part I and Part II this one was really cute 😀

Since I have been talking about interviews these last couple of days, part I and part II I am happy to share with you a brief but pleasant one. Keep reading to find out more. 😉

I was waiting for a friend of mine, in “Myslym Shyri” street, next to the Adidas shop , and while scrolling on some random things over my phone, a bunch of kids approaches me.

Saying they were adorable is an understatement, they were so cute and polite and shy which made them even cuter, oh and believe me, I am not the kid lover type… I really don’t know how to behave around them, but that’s a complete different story and these were school children so we are cool.

There was a school project they were working for, apparently interviewing random people in the street, and video recording the answers and reactions. After asking me if they could have a word, and I was assuming that they were lost or something, needed directions and the sort, the second thing is that they will need to record my answer, quickly explaining reason and purpose, and fervently swearing it was no joke… And I was, “What?” “Why?” “I wasn’t even thinking of such thing.” Mmmm call me naïve, what else can I say.

Question: “What do you think of young people, especially teenagers using foreign words, instead of using the native Albanian ones?”

Ohohoh… really a teenager, do I even look that young. I feel flattered mmmm… Ok, focus Kristina, this is not about you, c’mon!

Kristina’s question: “You mean, writing or speaking?”

Curly Blonde Girl with Blue Eyes:“Oh, mmm both, I guess.”

Answer: “Well, it’s not that easy to answer, but there is not enough focus on this topic, which is very important, as a matter of fact. There are a lot of factors that influence this phenomena, for example all the media is sometimes a bad influence, I am afraid. Education Institutions should pay more attention and stress more the importance of preserving our language and identity. Young people, teenagers need to read more in order to expand knowledge and vocabulary.”

CBGBE: “Thank you so much!”

Kristina: “You are welcome.” I wasn’t even finished with it when, they were already running away.

I was thinking, I didn’t even mention parenting. Is it a bad thing? A good thing? I know a thing for sure though, the time I spent with my parents was less and less as I grew up. I was busy with school, mostly, reading, watching TV, friends, so I am not excluding them, but honestly I don’t even know what they actually think about it. (I am going to ask them, eventually. It’s about time.)

Point is that they were busy with their work schedules, to provide for me and I am quite sure that most of other parents are busy doing the same. They need to focus on more “important stuff” than this, right? I don’t feel like blaming them, really. And there are also, lots of them, who don’t even have enough education or information to form an opinion to this matter related. This is our reality, I am not judging parents, they are doing more than you can possibly imagine, working long hours, trying to keep up with kids’ schedules and requests, lessons of that and this, going here and there. They are trying to teach a ton of principles to their kids, and some things just go by the “parent radar” unnoticed.

But the rest? The media? That’s what is supposed to do. Also Educate, besides information. And the people working in there, are supposed to know what they are doing and why. Schools and people working in the education field, as well. I think it’s part of their job too.

Those kids, so enthusiastically working on that project, make the difference and make me believe for hope.

What do you think? What is it like in your countries? I would like to read your opinions.

xoxo #kristinakoti


2 thoughts on “Weird Pleasant Interview”

  1. Great read, now you have me thinking and my wheels are turning! I'm not sure if I'd have even been able to answer their question!

    1. Thank you ^_^ for reading me. I don't know if my answer was accurate enough, but in Albania this last decade, the matter has become quite disturbing to us. It looks like our language lacks words, but it's not true at all, we need to work on it more, to grow mindfulness and awareness among ourselves and the specially the new generation.


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