What we value – Part I

What’s really important in life? Money, power, possessions, status, job…, family, friends… freedom… or time? I can’t deny that at some point all the above might be important, but not equally important at the same time, except time itself, the most precious and yet it’s always being taken for granted. However, time is the only thing I am not focusing on, in this post so let’s get it started with all the rest:

  • Money

= Can’t really live without money. You will need food at some point, won’t you? + other basics.

= As for the rest, it remains a necessary mean to do important things in life such as travelling and exploring, going to concerts of your favorite bands, buying more books. With these experiences you will make so many good memories and life changing experiences. I plan to buy a professional camera soon, for my photography hobby and ehm… well yeah it’s not that cheap.

The happy jar
  • Power

= Really? What would you need that for? Attention: this post is for human beings with common sense. In case you are trying to conquer the world or the entire universe, you are in the wrong place. Please just leave, don’t make me call the United Airlines here to throw you out. 😀

Ok, back to “business” :p. Now, lemme tell you something, no matter the type of power, the job position, the work place, power has the same exact taste. It tastes good and it’s appealing, and it will make you crave for more and some say it will also change you. Now on this last part, I deeply disagree. It’s not easy to control, but it’s not impossible. In case you can’t, power will just bring out the worst of you and honestly, it means that that’s the real you. I am sorry, that’s how it is.

The power you need to keep looking for, is your power, the power within your soul and mind. This is the kind of power, no one can ever strip you off. The one you will need when facing hardships. This is the kind of power you need to embrace and while at it, inspire and motivate others through it. Influence people surrounding you with your vibes.

  • Possessions

= Real estate? Mansions, yachts, fancy cars… expensive resorts or hotels? Maybe I am going too far. Let’s keep it simple: I phone 8(+) coming soon, Gucci loafers, Chanel bag, Michael Kors smart watch. I can’t afford these items, or any of them unless I sell one of my kidneys, but that’s something I am not willing to do and I don’t really think it’s worth the trouble. I won’t deny that, I would love these beauties to be mine, but I can breathe just fine without them. And after eventually buying them, my life would be pretty much the same, except some narrow green looks of other girls in the street. But I can live just fine without it, and so do you.

End part I

xoxo #kristinakoti

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