What Would Peter Say…

“If you are going to whine about your shadow again, I will punch you!”

“Can you at least sew it for me? I remember someone did that once, can’t remember who though…”

“Wendy, it was Wendy you moron! You really have a short memory, or is it just an act?”

“Who’s Wendy? What’s with rolling your eyes? It’s creepy.”


“I really dislike you, you know. I was like 11 years old, when I first read your story. I disliked you back then. The book ended with me crying, as you proved to be an ungrateful little brat. And your memory disorder, is just an excuse. Period. Anyway, I grew… ”

“What book? What story?”

“C’mon Pan, I mean you know your name right, you don’t forget about that, but you forgot about your companions, Wendy, Tinker. Hell, you probably forgot everything about your lifetime nemesis, Captain Hook.”

“Mmmm, I have no idea what you are talking about! Are you even a kid? You are so short. If you are a grown up, I am not talking to you, you know.”

“Why? Because your mama told you not to talk to strangers? Specially grown up strangers.”

“You need to relax. Maybe some magic powder…?”

“It’s magic and powder all right, and it makes you “fly” but we call it with all sort of other names, and basically it’s still illegal in our world. Oh, wait, you are a kid, so you can get away with murder, just because, you need a mom to protect you, you have a memory disorder, you will never grow up, you are afraid of your own shadow. Translated in some psychology stuff or whatever, afraid of being abandoned, always opting for the safe shore, responsibility and commitment issues… Oh grow up already!”

“Never. I don’t even know what is it that you are talking about, you silly girl. You and your complicated world…”

“Well, you look like a lot of “grown ups” I know in my world. Oh and you fail to keep your promises.”

“I always keep my promises!”

“Always” and “promises” in the same sentence, a sentence coming from you…. mmm ridiculous combination!”

“No, it’s not.”

“Denial or should I say opposing.”

“You don’t make any sense and you are utterly boring. You are definitely one of those grown ups. Hhuuuhhh disgusting! Get away from me.”

“You need to fly away from my room, then.”

“Yeah, gladly, you bitter being!”

“Oh oh sweety, what about your shadow? Are you going to let it hang on my chair?”

“Oh, hhmmm well, I will give you some magical powder if you fix it for me…”

“Is this how you ask for help? Seriously? You are even worse than I thought. I have some glue to stitch it back…”

“Oh G L L L L U U U E E E, I like the sound of that… It’s funny. What does it mean anyway?”

“Oh my….”

“Stop that, with the eyes rolling… It freaks me out!!”


I hope you enjoyed it 😉

xoxo #kristinakoti







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  1. I haven't enjoyed a post like this in a while. I appreciated your sense of humor, your wit, and your ability to create this dialog up out of nothing. I'm absolutely going to repost this on my site.


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