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I am going to keep it short, although luxury to some of us may give a lot to think about.

Simply put, to me, luxury is something you can’t afford just yet. And this axiom is not restricted to material well-being only, big part of it yes but not just that. Well it makes sense since wealth and richness is also in one’s mind and soul, right?

Where I live, to many of us some choices are considered to be luxurious ones.

Imagine just to change a job in Albania.

Common questions: Can I afford to change now? How is it going to affect my finances? My tuition fee is approaching? The job market is not looking that good these days, I can’t afford less wage and starting from scratch till I get a rise will take some time? What if I don’t feel ok in another foreign company with complete strangers around? Will I be able to adjust? What about my CV, will it suffer from my frequent changes?

Yes, to some of us these questions are crucial thus they lead to some choices and the future is totally unpredictable. I guess luxury is also not caring about the unpredictable because you have the certainty that you will easily handle.

Luxury is not just being able to fulfill desires, buy a Gucci bag, a Michael Kors watch, a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, a Valentino dress, go for a week tour in Tokyo, luxury is having the space, time, resorts to think of what you can do and have.

Luxury is to never run out of options and chances.

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