What’s your superpower


Last night my mom, remembered an episode of my childhood. Out of the blue I asked her  if I would ever be able to read minds… telepathy looked more alluring than wasting time playing with dolls.

My mother, as a very pragmatic woman answered with a plain, short, “No.”

Because she already knew what kind of curious brat I was. And right away a chirping “why” followed.

“It’s simply impossible. What do you need that for anyway?” 

She was washing the dishes and recalls that I was basically jumping over the sink, holding the crisp towel on her side, just to make sure that I had her full attention.

“Mom, you don’t look at me when I am talking. This is very important. Please, pay attention.  To answer your question, because I want to know what happens inside. What is it that people think. They do not always say what they think, do they? And we can’t change that. Otherwise, it would be so much easier. ”

Apparently having a super power like reading minds, looked more realistic than trying to change human nature.  At 7, I already knew how the world turned.  Uurrgghhh I don’t know why but I am feeling kind of stupid right now! 😀 JK… or not…

 “Mom, is there a way I can overcome this?”

“You won’t be reading any minds, any time,” with a firm voice. 

This is not the type of answer a child can accept with dignity. MAYDAY MAYDAY TEAR FLOOD. TEAR FLOOD APPROACHING. ROGER.

 “Ok, ok, wait… hhmmm but you can learn to observe, listen and think of all possible scenarios. ”

Hhmmm interesting… not as satisfactory as the skill itself but we were making progress, “That’s like, foretelling , the likes of something to happen… So I will assume of others’ thoughts and feelings, but never be sure, like 100% sure, you know… Nz… no, this is not the real thing. ”

“Hear me out, Ina (she used to call me that and still does) You will grow up. You will learn  so many things. As time goes by you will also get experience and you will be able to read people, not the way you think now, though… Why do you want to know what’s on someone’s mind?”

“This way I can find out their real intentions and always be one step ahead. But apparently I can’t,”  annoyed of course, because the spoiled little “princess” wasn’t having her way.

“I wonder, why is this the kind of super power you want? And not some teletransport or something…? ”

“But moooom, I know that’s impossible…. This mind reading thing sounded more reasonable. ”

“Oh, fair enough. Aren’t you a smart ass,” laughing out loud.

“Ohhh, my life is ruined! ”


I have the vanish superpower. 😀 I make food disappear. I make money disappear. I make dead skin cells disappear, because I scrub a couple of times per week. Why in the world, would I need mind reading? I will find a way to make minds disappear as well 😀 😀 😀

Oh and and… I also make time fly and almost always run late. How about that?

Hope you had a fun read and enjoyed my piece for today. Comment  below. I am quite sure you have plenty of stories of your own to share. 😉

xoxo #kristinakoti


6 thoughts on “What’s your superpower”

  1. I have twins - that's my super power ( see my post from a few days ago! ????

  2. This was a nice post! It reminds me that as kids we were so open and willing to learn about anything! I wish we were still like that as adults! Haha! Thanks for sharing!

    If you have a chance, feel free to check out my page! Thank you! =)

  3. This is so cute! I love your style of writing. Glad I found you through Community Post. Check out my latest piece: https://caffeinatedcuriositysite.wordpress.com/2017/06/08/on-adventure/


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