Why some people don’t read… What?

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The title might sound a bit confusing, since we often read articles about:

Why people read? Why some of us love to read? Why should we read? What are the benefits of reading? And so on.

However I have never truly nor seriously explored the reasons why some people don’t read or don’t like to read.

I won’t list reasons such as lack of time, honestly that’s bulls*** . We all have very busy schedules, but some manage to find the time to read 50 pages/day and thinking of which, it’s not even that much to ask. So stop making up excuses, if you don’t like to, or don’t want to just say so, there is nothing wrong with it.

I have my moments as well, you know. But I get back from the hiatus, as I feel the urge to read again, as like my soul misses something essential to breathe and my mind feels poor and depleted.

Ok, then enough with me and straight to the point:

  • Laziness. Some have been thoroughly sincere by admitting that they are just too lazy to read, they lose focus and between mindlessly reading and something, the “something” option sounds better. Concentrate on something you like than waste your time with an activity which in the end besides the unease will prove to be useless.
  • A friend of mine once told me: “I don’t like reading because it disconnects me from reality and I don’t like the feeling.” which to me, a bookworm, it’s odd not to mention weird, because it’s precisely that feeling I always look for. But I get it, some of us want to stay tuned in their own reality.
  • Again, expectations vs reality. You see the beauty of books is, creating a new dimension and making you picture it in your mind. However two different people reading the same book, might have different colors to paint the canvass, and the imaginary realities differ, therefore results, opinions differ not merely in the way you see or perceive the book, but in the way you see your surroundings. Sometimes, your hopes get up and well, as we all know “gravity” does not spare anything or anyone.

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  • Fear of book hangover. It’s awkward, but that’s one of the reasons that I was told. I love that feeling, it’s like getting high, but it’s a good, healthy high. However I don’t abandon the reality I live in, to switch to the surreal or the ones I make up in my mind. They serve to a better cause, broaden my horizon, deepen my being, develop my skills and of course my vocabulary, learn and acknowledge the other side of the coin and moving even further with lots of coins.


Hearing my friends, made me think that if these are the reasons they don’t like the experience maybe they need help to channel the information and to see the other version of reading, the sparkling one that makes us book lovers crave for more. If again they won’t like it, then so be it, but in that case, it’s a decision based on all that there is there to see.


What do you think? Do you like to read? What gender of literature? What about your friends? Anyone who doesn’t? Why? Ooohhh so many questions. Comment all your thoughts.

Let the rambling begin 😀

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11 thoughts on “Why some people don’t read… What?”

  1. Compliments for this post, well said. I love reading books, but I should also admit that the mose you read books, the more idealistic you become. It's personally speaking. It's like an everyday practice of forming or pursuing ideals, especially unrealistically. Compared to my friends who don't read books, they seem quite happy lol
    Anyway, for me reading books is like a nutrition to the mind and soul, no matter how unrealistic life might seem ?

    1. Thanks for reading Ina 🙂 I agree with your every word, despite the harsh reality, reading also helps to better understand and to be prepared to face it, when needed.

  2. [Found at the Community Pool]...I like to read a variety of materials to include books of course. A girlfriend and I also have a Book Club. An interesting mention here is we have different tastes, but stretch ourselves to read books that the other prefers too. That's makes it an enjoyable learning experience for both of us. I have asked some friends what they enjoy, but usually get vague answers. I don't push it because I know that we all read something everyday; even if it's a stop sign, a menu, a college manual, dictionary, or a billboard along the highway. We also get in moods to read, and maybe not so much other times. I know I have indulged in both fiction and non-fiction. The world of books, magazines, and other visual media is everywhere. People do read, just maybe not what you do. Ask them what they see, and you may find out that way where their true reading interests lie. You may decide to investigate that yourself.

    1. Hi Sparkyjen thanks for your feedback. Me too, I read all kind of topics, books or not. However, I think that what you are referring to is the literal meaning of reading. I meant books (hard copy or not). What you say is absolutely true, that people do read, newspapers, magazines, articles online or not. My post is not to judge who doesn't, I was curious or interested to know why not books. Personally, I think that media, press magazines and all can't substitute books. But that's my opinion, at least for now. Maybe it will change in the future. I am glad you visited my page.

  3. Love this post, was an interesting read. I have never understood people who dont read because as you said, it sparks your natural imagination almost keeping in tune with your childhood wave for imagination. Adults lack it but books help!

  4. Thank you for the post, it was very interesting! 🙂 After reading this, I remembered a part of an article that The Guardian wrote about Daniel Pennak's book, Reads Like a novel:
    ...Pennac's main point is very simple: no one is ever going to read a book if they don't want to. Reading, he says, is mostly about pleasure. From that, other things will follow. If people choose to spend their time doing something else, that's their right. He looks on them with sorrow, not contempt: without books, they are condemned to lead "a life without answers ... and before long without questions too".

    1. Well thank you Julie for reading and your words. This is so inspiring. I had not read the article but I find it so true and so connected to my point of view. ?


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