Why worry

Not worrying is one of the most difficult battles one needs to face in his/her life. Without even realizing what we are doing or not doing, our lives pass us by and we have spent a good deal of time just worrying, preventing ourselves to make some good plans and take action.

Why didn’t I think of it before?

What was I thinking?

Very common questions, right? I am not suggesting that things are always easy to work out. However, tons of times we are our own isolating walls. Again, I do not think that “In the end everything will turn up all right.” because, sometimes it doesn’t happen. However, that is not equal to an ETERNAL MISERY sentence.


It’s ok to think about worst case scenarios. It’s ok to anticipate and take some good moments to prepare and confront difficult events.

What’s not OK, is stressing and feeling anxious about things that have not yet become reality. Things that might not even happen in the first place.

Our paths do not just stop when something bad happens, or might happen. So instead of just freezing in the tight spot, move past that. “What can I do next?” “What happens after the worst?” “Ok, it’s going to be hard, but I will manage.

Keep in mind, if it’s not the end of the world then you can make it, as to the end of the world, if there is a remedy, probably it’s not up to you (me). Hell, yeah, there might be some of you out there that might even have the solution to “the end of the world” and this means that you need to stop worrying right away, otherwise you won’t be able to see it coming. You will be too busy stressing and depressing, doubting yourself, fighting against wind mills… when you need to focus on how to save us all… you hear me? Focus!

In case you are wondering h.ere a brief list tips:

  • Go for a walk. It doesn’t matter where… Nearby an erupting volcano, is not a very bright idea, unless you are an adrenaline junk and basically that’s what you need… if this is the case, I don’t think this is a good post for you :D. I don’t think you worry about anything…
  • Watch an inspiring movie. Or a stupid comedy. Or an action movie. Or a horror one, maybe characters in distress make you feel better about yourself… what kind of HOOMAN are you?? 😀
  • Go to the Gym… Don’t be jelly of fit boys and girls 😉 . Admire their determination, acknowledge their hard work and this is how you can learn what discipline means. Who knows you might want to become the next top fitness model :).
  • Read a good book. Well, not necessarily good. Ehm, read books. People are always talking about self-help, self improving books. If you don’t like books, skip this paragraph 🙂
One of the books people talk about. P.S. I loved it 🙂


  • Make yourself a meal. Microwaves look like atomic bombs to you? Ok, keep some safety distance from the kitchen. First you need to learn the basics :D. Come back later to the “make yourself a meal” step.
  • Listen to music. We all like music. And this is absolute, therefore I am not accepting any kind of objection… JK 😀 (but seriously, you do like music don’t you?)
  • Last but not least, talk to a good friend, partner etc… Talking to mum is ok, but you know that most of the times mums are genetically programmed to worry about their offsprings so… you might need to rethink the mum option. Just saying. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 🙂

I hope these tips are helpful… besides they are also cheap, thus an extra credit to me ^_^.

xoxo #kristinakoti


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